Medical Spa Marketing - Should your Medical Spa Invest in Social Media?

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Medical Spa Marketing - Should your Medical Spa Invest in Social Media?


Medical spa marketing is competitive in this fast paced industry. Your clients are in an endless search for the ‘new innovative treatment’ that will help them feel beautiful and look younger. For this reason it’s so important to stay top of mind with your current clients and become visible to potential new clients as your services change and grow.

 So how will social media help? As of January 2014, 74% of online adults used social networking sites, so it’s safe to assume that people who are interested in health, beauty and wellness are using social media. Since 86% of online retailers in the U.S. already own a Facebook fan page, it’s time to build a social media audience of your own.

Many studies have shown that there is a strong link between your followers on social media and your business’ lead generation. Over 50% of Facebook fans and Twitter followers say they are more likely to buy after becoming a fan/follower than before they were engaged, reports market research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey.

Starting a Facebook or Twitter account for your medical spa is easy, keeping your audience engaged and growing is the real challenge. There are many reasons why people will follow your business on social media. Some people are looking for a deal on your services, while others want to support your brand and be a part of your community. In fact, 58% of Facebook users expect to receive exclusive offers, events, and promotions from the pages that they follow.

There are many examples of how integrating lead generation campaigns built using innovative spa advertising ideas with one or more social media channels can result in more conversions for your medical spa business. Integrating lead generation with social media can be as simple as adding a link on Facebook that takes clients to your webpage or allowing clients to share your medical spa products and services with their friends on Facebook.


After adding “Like” buttons to their sites:  

  •   American Eagle found that Facebook shoppers spent 57% more money
  •   Levi’s saw a 40X increase in referral traffic
  •   Giantnerd increased their revenue by 100% in two weeks
  •   Tea Collection noticed a 10X increase in daily sales  

What is your "competitive advantage" or in other words, what differentiates your medical spa from another? Things like quality, price, and experience are a great place to start. How do you communicate these attributes with prospective new clients who are part of a medical spa social media community?

  • Build credibility by sharing customer experiences and testimonials.
  • Consider medical spa advertising ideas and offering social media promotions, such as 30% off beauty treatments with a filler or injectable to drive sales to services and products simultaneously.
  • Promoting the quality of your services using pictures, and videos will show prospects what they can expect from your business.


Ready to start marketing your medical spa on social media?

Pick your channel. By doing a little research you’ll be able to see where your audience is spending their time. Are they more likely to be pinning content on Pinterest or tweeting your praises on Twitter?  If you create content in the communities where your prospective audience is already engaged, then you’ll find that developing an audience of your own will be easier.  

Craft your content. It’s important, wherever you decide to start, that you create professional high quality content for your audience. Things like product and service information, testimonials, FAQ’s, and tips on how to ‘rejuvenate their look’ are just the beginning. Stay on message, and be engaging. Try not to be too sales oriented, but rather entice them with indirect sales messages, get them interested in you, so they want to learn more. This is the key to inbound marketing success. 

Don’t forget to be social. There are many easy to use tools available for social media, so you could just schedule content to automatically go out to your followers. Although this can make managing your account easier, you have to be careful that you’re not missing out on an important part of what social media is... a conversation. Don't be afraid to interact with your audience, because when you do, you’ll see your online brand awareness expand exponentially.



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