5 Cosmetic & Aesthetic Social Media Tips For This Holiday Season

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5 Cosmetic & Aesthetic Social Media Tips For This Holiday Season


Aesthetic marketing through social media during the holiday season is a great way to keep your clinic top-of-mind, and hopefully, top of the shopping list with your existing clients while introducing you to new and potential clients. In this post we will cover 5 tips to help your clinic leverage your social media over the holidays.


Tip #1 - Holiday Social Media Campaign Strategy

Before jumping into a full-scale holiday promotion, it’s important to have a social media campaign strategy in place.

Campaign Goals - The first question you should ask yourself is, “what are my goals?” Examples of campaign goals include clinic awareness & exposure, increased client appointments, product sales, event sign-ups, or gift card sales, just to name a few. Your goals should be specific, such as a 35% increase in product sales or 100 gift cards sold by Christmas or New Years.

Content – Why should a client visit your aesthetic clinic or medical spa versus another? The answer should convince a potential client that your aesthetic services add more value or better solve their problem than another provider. Your social media content should envelope the essence of why clients should visit your clinic.

The Offer – What can you offer your clients and potential clients that they will find valuable near the holiday season? Example offers for an aesthetic clinic could include:


  • Gift certificate promotion for the duration of the holiday season.
  • Contest for a chance to win "a day for two at the spa."
  • Complimentary product with purchases over 'x' dollars.


Who is your Target Audience? – Defining your clinic’s target audience is a crucial step in crafting engaging campaign content. Beauty marketing content can be used for similar audiences with slight changes, as in the campaign “Medical spa holiday gift certificate and receive a free gift basket” example below. The goal of this campaign is to increase gift card sales by 25%.

Content for Audience 1 - Audience – Women ages 30-60
Advertisement – “Bring in the new year looking your best! Purchase a gift certificate for yourself or as a gift and receive a complimentary gift basket. Promotion ends Dec. 1st.”

Content for Audience 2 – Audience - Married men ages 30-60
Advertisement – “Looking for that perfect gift you know she’ll love? Purchase a gift certificate before Dec. 1st and receive a complimentary gift basket. Two gifts for the woman in your life.” 

“64.8% of consumers will turn to social media sites in order to find the perfect gift this holiday season.” 1 

How do I know if it worked? – In order to determine how successful a social media aesthetic marketing campaign actually was, you can refer back to your campaign goals. Reviewing results using social media analytics and clinic sales, appointments made, etc., you see how well your campaign performed. For example, if your goal was to increase new client appointments in December, then you can evaluate this goal with the number of new consultation requests received through Facebook or calls/emails to your clinic in December.


Tip #2 - Use the Correct Social Media Channels

Medical Spa & Aesthetic marketing is all about beauty, so leveraging the social media channels that your audiences regularly use is imperative. Because the holiday season is so busy and there is a ton of competition this time of year, it’s important to focus your efforts where you will see the greatest return on your investment. Your services are heavily visual and geographically specific, so it is important to use channels that specifically target local potential clients with visually stunning images.

  • Facebook - Facebook is about telling a story, and in this case, it’s your medical spa’s story! Your clinic’s page is public, so you can reach many people.
  • Twitter – Information moves fast, so posts need to be frequent. Twitter is great for location based targeting and for staying up-to-date in the beauty industry.
  • YouTube – A great way to showcase your products and services plus provide education for clients which helps build credibility.
  • Instagram – An ideal platform for sharing product photos and videos which can then be extended to a variety of other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr.
  • Pinterest – Pinterest is a visual social network where users post and sort content based on interests. The average amount that Pinterest-referred customers purchase online is $92.51.

“There are 1.32 billion users on Facebook, 271 million users on Twitter, 150 million on Instagram. Shouldn’t you get on the beauty marketing bandwagon?” 2

Tip #3 - Create a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Calls-to-Actions (CTA’s) are exactly that; you are calling on a client or potential client to take a specific action such as book an appointment, register for a holiday event or make a gift card purchase. CTA’s can be in the form of links, buttons, or images. Since beauty marketing is both visually and medically oriented, it’s important that your visuals have a professional and aesthetically.

 Facebook – There are a few places to use CTAs in Facebook. You can insert the offer directly into a post on your timeline.  Other options include:

  • Using a CTA button overlaying the cover photo.
  • Using a CTA on the cover photo image.
  • Using a CTA as one of your custom tabs. 
“67% of consumers said they would be likely to share a digital coupon via their Facebook profiles this holiday season.” 3 

Cosmetic & Aesthetic Marketing

*The Facebook CTA button has several options. The most popular are Book Now, Contact Us, Shop Now, Sign Up, and Call Now.

Twitter – Much like Facebook, it is easiest to insert a CTA inside a tweet, however it’s best to use a URL shortener for space and to track results. Other options include:

  • Pinning a tweet that contains your CTA.
  • Using a CTA on the cover photo.
  • Putting a CTA inside your bio.

“62% of shoppers will use twitter to tweet about the purchases they make in preparation for the holidays.” 4

Tip #4 - Write Engaging Posts

With all the clutter in advertising, it’s hard to get noticed. Have you seen an attractive billboard, commercial or promotional image and thought, “Wow, that’s creative!” In order to get your audience’s attention, you need sexy, beautiful and clutter free designs. Then, once you’ve got their attention, use as few words as possible to describe how your clinic will solve their needs. To drive engagement in your campaign, present the offer using an attractive CTA.

Consumers don’t like being sold to, yet some clinics use social media simply to promote their products and services. A good guideline when posting to social media is the 80:20 rule, meaning 80% of your posts should be information your clients would find useful or helpful – posts such as make-up tips, exercise and nutrition advice, beauty regimens, healthy recipes and inspiring quotes. The remaining 20% of your content should be about your products and services.


Tip #5 - Facebook Advertising

You have measurable goals, a target audience, promotional offers, the right social media channels, engaging content, and CTA’s. Now it’s time to start promoting your offer. The great thing about digital advertising, and especially with Facebook, is that you can target specific audiences. With traditional media like radio and television, you pay a large sum of money to reach a very broad audience. With Facebook ads, however, it’s possible to target your ideal customer. You can target by location, age, gender, income, job title, even personal interests such as “skincare.”

Over 70% of women over the age of 30 are active on social media, and over half of women 50 years and older use Facebook regularly – this number is growing year after year!" 5

Another benefit to advertising with Facebook is the ability to track results in real-time so you can test and tweak your ads throughout the duration of a campaign. For example, if your intent is to direct people to your newsletter sign-up form, you can track how many of those who clicked on your Facebook ad also signed up for your newsletter. For the best results, create a few versions of your advertisement using different text and images to see which ad performs best, then proceed with that ad for the remainder of the campaign.

Your ad budget goes a lot further with Facebook because you pay to show your ad to only a very defined audience, plus you can set it to bill you only when people actually click the ad and convert on your offer.


Get Connected & Stay Connected

These social media campaign tips should give you a great head start on planning your upcoming holiday marketing plan, but remember that it doesn’t end when the holidays are over. Social media is about consistent messaging and engaging with your customers all year round.




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