Social Media Trends for Healthcare Companies in 2018: Part Two

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Social Media Trends for Healthcare Companies in 2018: Part Two


Many healthcare providers are using social media to grow a community, share information, and to promote their organization; however, social media platforms are constantly changing and it is important to stay on top of the latest trends. In our last article, Social Media Trends for Healthcare Companies: Part One, we touched on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube trends. Now, we’ll cover the fast-paced network, Twitter, and the top B2B social platform, LinkedIn.


Twitter Social Media Marketing Trends for Healthcare Companies

Twitter is all about quick communication and being part of a dynamic conversation. Twitter users were previously limited to 140 characters per post; luckily, Twitter has recently introduced a 280-character limit! This makes it easier to communicate your message, while still remaining concise and getting to the point. Twitter has quickly become the “customer service” social network, as it is often the shortest distance between a brand and its customers. When using Twitter for healthcare social media marketing, it is important to engage in conversations within your industry and about topics that mean the most to your viewers. Including healthcare industry partners in the conversation can help build brand awareness and credibility – helping to show that you are a subject matter expert.


Twitter is also great for finding and joining local conversations. Tweeting relevant information about local sports teams, charities, and events near your clinic’s location will show that your clinic is engaged with the community.


Outlined below are a few key things to remember when posting on Twitter:

  • Always include a photo – The photo will grab the viewer’s attention and encourage them to read or click the tweet for more information.
  • Use relevant hashtags – Hashtags will include your tweet in a thread of tweets also using the same hashtag (linking you to a community of users discussing the same topic).
  • Tag other individuals, and organizations – Tagged parties will receive a notification that they’ve been mentioned.


Creating a Tweet Storm

Similar to Facebook’s carousel ads, when 280 characters isn’t enough, Twitter users can use threads to share a longer message. The benefit of creating a tweetstorm? In the event of a crisis, negative review, or positive connection made on Twitter, it allows a healthcare company to respond with all of the important information in one series of connected tweets. And yes, you are able to include a photo or video with every tweet in the thread, use relevant hashtags, and mention other profiles!

How effective is your company’s presence on social media? Are you reaching the right audiences? How do you stack up against competitors? Find out with our free social media assessment!




LinkedIn Social Media Marketing Trends for Healthcare Companies

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. While primarily used as a recruitment tool, LinkedIn is often overlooked as a marketing and sales tool that can be used by healthcare professionals and physicians.

Key features of LinkedIn include: 



Have you ever thought to yourself, “I know my product/service can be a great solution for Company X?  If only there were a way to show this information to a very specific person, such as the vice president of Company X, it could help my company grow 10x faster.” With a paid LinkedIn account this is possible. InMail with LinkedIn gives you the option to send these hard-to-reach people a direct message. The amount of InMail you are allowed to send depends on your account type – most starting with a few and up to dozens of messages per month.

  1. Before sending an InMail message, make sure you:
  2. Have a catchy subject heading – A catchy subject heading will increase the likelihood of an individual opening your message.
  3. Introduce yourself – This goes without saying, as you wouldnt approach someone in real life and start a conversation without letting them know who they are talking to.
  4. Mention their qualifications – This shows that you have taken the time to get to know that individual and your inquiry is serious.
  5. Keep it short – Review your message once you complete it and then review it again – both times taking content away.



If you have a common connection with the person you are trying to contact, then it’s possible to make a more personalized connection through an introduction. When viewing the profile of the person you are trying to contact, whether about new products or services, or a new opening at your medical practice, simply navigate to the right-side bar and identify whether you have any common connections. If you do have a common connection, then click “Get Introduced.” This will launch the LinkedIn messenger where you will be able to ask your connection to introduce you to the person you are trying to reach.


Content Marketing Using LinkedIn

Healthcare content marketing is a strategic approach focused on creating content that is relevant and valuable for your target audience, thus keeping them engaged with your brand. An engaged target audience will remember your brand, visit your website for more information, and/or sign up for your newsletter! 

The best way to encourage engagement in content marketing on LinkedIn is by joining and participating in groups where the audience shares a common business interest or industry. A few examples of large groups in the healthcare industry are:

  •   The US Healthcare Executive Networking Group (74,000 members).
  •   Healthcare Information Technology (47,000 members).
  •   Healthcare Management & Strategy (20,000 members).


Putting it all Together

Social media is a powerful tool that allows healthcare companies to connect with both prospective, and current, clients and customers with the push of a button! In an age where everyone is digitally connected, a social media presence helps to keep patients interested in your product, service, and company. We’ve introduced many popular social media channels, and identified some key strengths associated with each one; however, videos, written content, and eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing advertisements will not generate engagement or drive sales unless they are targeting the right demographics. Creating a healthcare social media strategy prior to beginning to use your accounts will help ensure you have a reliable guide to follow, and help to minimize the chances of professional blunders.





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